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The Problem Of Mental Disorder - 884 Words

†¢ Mental Disorder related to Following: †¢ Emotions †¢ Intelligence †¢ Social behavior †¢ Speech †¢ (Danielyan Nasrallah 2009) †¢ (Tartakovsky 2013) 1) Neurotic 2) Psychotic †¢ Extreme mood swings Hallucinations †¢ Delusions †¢ Personality disorder †¢ Extreme stress †¢ Always worried †¢ (Tartakovsky 2013) †¢ (Pseudopsyentist 2007) †¢ Own Schizophrenia category †¢ Impacts most factors from different categories †¢ (Barnett, 2007, p. 51) †¢ (Symptoms, 2014) †¢ Positive negative symptoms †¢ Hallucinations (psychological) †¢ Delusions (psychological) †¢ Disorganized thinking (psychological) †¢ Abnormal motor behavior (psychological) †¢ Lacking emotions (physical) †¢ Withdrawal (physical) †¢ Struggles with daily needs/behaviors†¦show more content†¦115 2004 †¢ Usually strikes between ages of 16-25 †¢ Neurological disorder †¢ Affect every 1 in 100 people; 300,00 Canadians †¢ Found in all races, religion, genders etc.

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How to Use Formal and Informal Italian Subject Pronouns

While in English we might differ in word choice during informal and formal situations, we don’t change the forms being used.  However, Romance languages have separate forms of addressing others in formal versus informal situations. As if learning a new language wasn’t difficult enough! Learning how to use the formal and informal subject pronouns in Italian is very important. So-called social graces are key to Italian culture, and what seems like a language nuisance can determine the success of a social interaction, especially with the elderly and someone to whom you should show respect. How Many Ways You Can Say You? There are four ways of saying you in Italian: tu, voi, lei, and loro. Tu (for one person) and voi (for two or more people) are the familiar/informal forms. The Informal While it’s taught that tu is used only with family members, children, and close friends, it can also be used with people  around your age. For example, if youre around 30 and go to a bar to get a cappuccino, you can use the â€Å"tu† form with the barista who seems around your age, too. It’s likely that she’ll give you the â€Å"tu† form first anyway: Cosa prendi? – What are you having?Che cosa voui? – What do you want?Di dove sei? – Where are you from? If youre talking to a person that is younger than you tu is always the best choice. Voi is the plural form of the informal way of addressing people. Voi works for formal and informal scenarios and its the plural you: Di dove siete? – Where are you all from?Voi sapete che... – You all know that... The Formal In more formal situations like at a bank, the doctors office, a work meeting, or talking to an elder, the lei form is always best. Use lei (for one person, male or female) and its plural voi in more formal situations to address strangers, acquaintances, older people, or people in authority: Lei à ¨ di dove? – Where are you from?Da dove viene lei? – Where do you come from?Voi siete degli studenti. – You are students. You’ll often see Lei capitalized to distinguish it from lei (she) when there might be room for confusion. TIP: If you’re really not sure and you want to avoid choosing between â€Å"lei† or â€Å"tu† entirely, you can always use the generic altrettanto to mean likewise in place of anche a lei/ anche a te. Also, unless you’re talking to royalty, you don’t have to use the formal loro like most textbooks teach. It Can Be Confusing Finally, it’s tough to figure out when you should use the tu or when you should use the lei form, so if you get it wrong at first, don’t worry. Italians know that you’re learning a new language and that it can be difficult, so do your best. When In Doubt, Ask You can always ask when you are unsure about how to address a person. If, for example, you feel youre close in age or there is no relationship that might call for a respectful lei, go ahead and ask: Possiamo darci del tu? – May we switch to the tu form? In response, someone can say: Sà ¬, certo. –Yes, certainly. If you want to tell someone to use the tu with you, you can say: Dammi del tu. – Use the the tu form with me.

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Cancer Is A Disease Of Cancer - 2627 Words

Introduction Cancer is a disease that takes many forms and affects a multitude of people in the world. The specific type of malignancy will determine the proper course of treatment to take to deal with the illness. The most prevalent type of cancer in males between the ages 15 to 34 is testicular cancer (Cavayero et al., 2015). As a result, this is also the most common cancer in young men around the world and the cause of 1-2% of all male tumors (Carey et al., 2015). In the US, we see around 9000 new testicular cancer diagnoses made per year (Agarwal et al., 2015). However, even with the malignancy’s prevalence in the world, testicular cancer is one of the great success stories in the advancement of treatments and cures. Due to the effectiveness of different treatments, testicular cancer has about a 98% 5-year survival rate and a very positive prognosis when detected early on (Cavayero et al., 2015). Some of the standard treatment options used by patients in the course of their disease are orchiectomies, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and active surveillance (Meyts et al., 2013). In addition, retroperitoneal lymph node dissection (RPLND) is another surgical option that is becoming a more common and viable option for patients (Dudderidge, 2014). However, even with the high rates of success and remission, we see many potential long-term physical and psychological effects from the disease and it’s treatments. Background Research has shown that germ cell cancer of the testis isShow MoreRelatedThe Disease Of Cancer And Cancer975 Words   |  4 PagesCancer is the name given to a collection of many diseases. Cancer is uncontrolled cell division due to genetic changes that interfere the cell cycle and activate cell division. The cancer start in any part of the human body, such as in blood, lung, and colon. Cancers are different in the ways they spread and grow. Cancers types have its own characteristics. The general characteristics of Cancers are they work in the absence of growth factors, make their own growth factors, don’t respond to the signalRead MoreIs Cancer A Disease?2564 Words   |  11 PagesCancer is a disease that is hard to define in one aspect because how it is defined is ever changing due to new unravelings every day, and each individual s interpretation. Public awareness and misinterpretations make it even harder to define the disease, yet the public is the most fundamental aspe ct needed to spread knowledge of the impending epidemic and fund it’s defeat. Researchers have been attempting to overcome public speculation and funding obstacles many. To do so, these laborers must redefineRead MoreCancer : A Type Of Disease1203 Words   |  5 PagesResearch Paper: Cancer Cancer, is a type of disease that involves abnormal cell growth and has the potential to invade or spread to other parts of the body. Not all tumors are cancerous, there is one type that is not cancerous; benign tumors (which do not spread to other parts of the body). Possible signs and symptoms include: a distinct lump, a lengthened cough, irregular bleeding, unexplained weight loss, a difference in bowel movements, and many others. While these symptoms may cause cancer, they mayRead MoreDisease Analysis: Cancer669 Words   |  3 Pagespick one disease to target, because all disease causes pain and suffering. The individual with schizophrenia will pick that disease for its debilitating effect on personal freedom and the mind; the individual with muscular dystrophy will hate that condition for impeding mobility and causing the rapid degeneration of the body. However, there are few diseases as universally scorned, feared, and hated as cancer. It is therefore cancer that I choose as t he disease I hate the most. For one, cancer is ofRead MoreCancer Is A Disease Of The Cells865 Words   |  4 PagesCancer is a disease of the cells, Inside all cells are coded instructions for making new cells and controlling how cells behave. These coded instructions are genes. Abnormal changes in genes can turn normal ovarian cells to cancer cells. Normal cells grow and divided to make new cells. New cells are made as the body needs them to replace injured or dying cells. When normal cells grow old or get damaged, they die. Cancer cells don’t do that. The changes in genes causes cancer cells to make too manyRead MoreBreast Cancer : A Disease1737 Words   |  7 PagesWyrick 1 Leah Wyrick Ms. Basinger AP Language and Composition 12 May 2017 Breast Cancer Breast cancer is a disease in which most commonly occurs in all women no matter their size, shape, race, or ethnicity. About one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer every year, a fatal disease if not discovered early. Early detection of breast cancer is key so that cancerous cells found in the breast do not spread through other parts of the body. On a positive note, however, significant advancesRead MoreThe Dangerous Diseases Of Cancer1325 Words   |  6 Pages There are many dangerous diseases out in this cold world. There are all types of Aids, Diabetes, Sickle cell, and etc. There are cures or you can just find a way to just live with it but sadly some have no cure. One of the most deadliest type of diseases is Cancer. Cancer might be just a short six letter word but it killed millions of people. The word cancers have about one hundred different types. Cancer is when you have abnormal cells multiplying and growing out of control. It spread and spreadRead MoreCanc er Is A Deadly Disease2303 Words   |  10 Pages Cancer is a deadly disease. Not only can it take the life of the person that get this disease. It can take the lives of family and friends who try to be caregivers for their love, ones. Even though family and friends can be good caregivers for love, ones with cancer if they receive the proper educational training. Some people are unable to be caregivers for cancer patients, because being caregivers for patients with cancer are too emotionally, financially, and physically demanding for familyRead MoreCancer Is Not A Single Disease?1692 Words   |  7 PagesCancer has been an undeniably terrible disease and with no known way to prevent cancer it has taken the lives of many and has no intentions to cease. Cancer, defined by The Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine, is â€Å"Not a single disease but a group of about 100 diseases characterized by the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells, many of which form masses (tumors), and the ability of those cells to spread by way of the circulatory and lymphatic systems from the original site to distant parts ofRead MoreCancer Is A Deadly Disease1554 Words   |  7 PagesIntro Cancer is a deadly disease that affects many people year in and year out. Cancer continues to be a huge problem and affect not only the cancer patients live but their loved ones. It’s caused millions of deaths over the years, and hopefully one day society will find a cure. We can honestly say the disease is foreign due to how many different forms there are of it and the fact that we’ve yet to find a remedy. Even with all the different treatments for cancer it still is causing a prompt decline

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Project Management Plannin Scheduling and Controlling.

Question: Discuss about the Project Management Plannin Scheduling and Controlling. Answer: Estimation techniques determining task duration and resource effort: Task duration Work breakdown: Work breakdown structure is good option to estimate the task duration involved within any project. Work breakdown structure is helpful in solving various issues about the project task sequence. Units: Units are another aspect that helps in calculating the activity per unit measure (Burke, 2013). Units are helpful in measuring the task completion timings. Resource effort Bottom up estimation: Bottom up estimation helps in calculating the work effort. This reduces the time required for project development. Resource allocation: Resource allocation is another aspect that measures the effort of the individual (Heagney, 2016). Resources are effectively utilized by the project manager with the help of this activity. WBS WBS is nothing but the process of preparing key project deliverables that helps in organizing team work (Kerzner, 2013). This is known as deliverable oriented heretical decomposition. The WBS structure is mainly used for reducing the complicated activities to a collection of tasks (Leach, 2014). The Structure of WBS is helpful in understanding the sequence of tasks involved within the project. Methods of making realistic timelines Requirement analysis: Requirement analysis is required for making realistic timeline. Ordering of activities: Ordering of activities are ordered arrangement of activity. Involvement of stakeholders: Involvement of stakeholders also influences the realistic timeline preparations (Martinelli Milosevic, 2016). Estimation making: Preparing estimation is also another aspect to be considered for realistic timeline preparation. Tools in Project Scheduling Creation There are various tools used for project scheduling creation purpose. Two tools are being elaborated as follows: Gantt chart: Gantt chart is a chart that is plotted over time. Each of the concerned activities is shown within this chart with horizontal lines within the chart (Mir Pinnington, 2014). Schedule network analysis: Schedule network analysis is considered for the chart that offers graphical display of logical interrelationship between the elements of work with respect to work structure of the project (Phillips, 2013). Project Life Cycle Project life cycle is nothing but the staged overview of project that helps in managing the system architecture of the project scheduled work processes (Turner, 2016). In contrast with these facts, project life cycle includes the following stages within it: Project Initiation: Project initiation indicates the first stage of the project. This indicates the starting of the project. Project Planning: Project planning indicates the planning format of the project; this includes the scheduling of the project (Verzuh, 2015). Project Execution: This stage of the project executes the project plans. Execution stage of the project involves various project plans made during the project development plan. Project Closure: This stage indicates the project closure. Closure of the project shows the end of the project. Stages of critical path Specification of project activities: Specification of the project activities are concerned in this stage of the project. Establishment of dependencies: Establishment of the dependencies is the first stage of the critical path identification process involved within activity scheduling (Walker, 2015). Drawing of network diagram: Network diagram is considered for identifying the network activities within any project management process (Burke, 2013). Estimation of activity completion time: Estimation of activity completion process is considered for managing the solutions. Identification of critical path: Identification of critical path allows the project manager in solving various issues and risks associated with the project (Heagney, 2016). Update of critical path diagram: Updating of critical path is the last stage involved within the system architecture of the project (Kerzner, 2013). Schedule Baseline Project schedule baseline is nothing but the process of measuring the performance deviation from the original plan of project (Leach, 2014). Following are the stages of managing the project schedule baselines: Determination of earned value: Earned value determination helps in solving various critical aspects involved within the system architecture of any project. Improvisation of estimation: Estimation of tasks and information needs regular check for managing effective project development features (Martinelli Milosevic, 2016). Determination of project performance: Determination of project performance is very crucial for managing the effective project schedule baseline involved within the project development plan. Project Schedule WBS Task Name Duration Start Finish 0 Arrangements of Birthday Party 0.24 days Fri 3/10/17 Fri 3/10/17 1 Project Initiation 0.1 days Fri 3/10/17 Fri 3/10/17 1.1 Inviting the guests 12 mins Fri 3/10/17 Fri 3/10/17 1.2 Preparation of arrangements for party 14 mins Fri 3/10/17 Fri 3/10/17 1.3 ingredients collection for party 20 mins Fri 3/10/17 Fri 3/10/17 2 Project plan 0.1 days Fri 3/10/17 Fri 3/10/17 2.1 Preparation for preparing food items 14 mins Fri 3/10/17 Fri 3/10/17 2.2 Booking of entertainer 12 mins Fri 3/10/17 Fri 3/10/17 2.3 Collection of food items for party 20 mins Fri 3/10/17 Fri 3/10/17 3 Project development 0.24 days Fri 3/10/17 Fri 3/10/17 3.1 Welcome Guests 12 mins Fri 3/10/17 Fri 3/10/17 3.2 Arranging the foods for guests 10 mins Fri 3/10/17 Fri 3/10/17 3.3 distribution of candies and lolies to children 14 mins Fri 3/10/17 Fri 3/10/17 4 Project closure 0.05 days Fri 3/10/17 Fri 3/10/17 4.1 Preparation for cutting the cake 14 mins Fri 3/10/17 Fri 3/10/17 4.2 cutting of cake 12 mins Fri 3/10/17 Fri 3/10/17 Figure 1: Project Plan (Source: Created by Author) Estimation of project duration, effort, sequence and dependencies of the tasks There are various methods of measuring project duration involved within activities within the project. I have found that Work breakdown structure and historical method can be used for measuring project duration. There are mainly two methods that are used for measuring effort involved within any task of project. According to my findings, top down and bottom up approaches are used for measuring effort. These are also called inductive and deductive approach. There are three consequences that are considered for estimating sequences involved within any task. These are identification of relationships among tasks, recognition of dependent activities and development of schedule. Task dependencies can be measured with the help of measuring various critical aspects. In contrast with these facts, these dependencies are measured with the help of predecessors involved within the project plan. These predecessors are arranged with respect to previously concerned activities. Relation between stakeholders and project baselines The agreed baseline for any project development perspective can easily be covered or maintained with the help of various communication and planning measures. These functional implementations within organizations are helpful in reducing the time required for the project development or for the incorporation of change of plan within the project development. Following are the option that makes the required time for project management and completion reduced with respect to excess amount of changes within project: Incorporation of additional resources: Additional resources incorporation is the best way to reduce the excessive time involved within the project. Increased amount of cost structure: Increased amount of cost structure will also be helpful for managing the increased time structure for project development and project management. Communication with stakeholders Face to face meetings and program arrangements will be helpful in making the project members and stakeholders aware of the changed project schedules. Time Management in Projects There are various significant aspects that will be helpful in solving various critical aspects for managing the development of project schedules. Therefore, the time management is very important for establishing developed time management principles. These are given as follows: Selection of critical activities: Selection of critical tasks saves time before experiencing the errors and defects within the project plan. Sequencing activities for project development: Sequencing of activities are another option to be checked for managing time consumptions. Resource estimation: Resource estimation will be helpful in solving various issues involved within the project during the project development and there is short duration of time. Review of schedule performance and recording of lessons learned There is various ways to review the scheduled performance and also to record the lessons learnt. Therefore, this aspect needs to be recognized and managed with the help of reviewing the performance of the project. Following are the concerned area for project review options: Design of questionnaires: Designing the Questionnaires are important for knowing the possibilities and situations involved within any project. Therefore, these aspects need to be managed and searched by the project manager. Approval of questionnaires: Approval of the questionnaires is also important for managing the solutions involved within the project development perspective. Reviewing the results of the questionnaires: Results must be reviewed with respect to the project objectives and goals involved within the project. References Burke, R. (2013). Project management: planning and control techniques.New Jersey, USA. Heagney, J. (2016).Fundamentals of project management. AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn. Kerzner, H. (2013).Project management: a systems approach to planning, scheduling, and controlling. John Wiley Sons. Leach, L. P. (2014).Critical chain project management. Artech House. Martinelli, R. J., Milosevic, D. Z. (2016).Project management toolbox: tools and techniques for the practicing project manager. John Wiley Sons. Mir, F. A., Pinnington, A. H. (2014). Exploring the value of project management: linking project management performance and project success.International Journal of Project Management,32(2), 202-217. Phillips, J. (2013).PMP, Project Management Professional (Certification Study Guides). McGraw-Hill Osborne Media. Turner, R. (2016).Gower handbook of project management. Routledge. Verzuh, E. (2015).The fast forward MBA in project management. John Wiley Sons. Walker, A. (2015).Project management in construction. John Wiley Sons.

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How to Write Methodology For Research Paper

Commonly, students are barely taught any research methodology, and then they are suddenly given a project to complete stating the methodology used. So the project fundamentally depends upon research methodology, which is a technical process. It requires in-depth knowledge of several things, some of which include variables, sample size determination, developing survey tools, tests used for data analysis, software employed in data analysis, and interpretation of the outcomes. The point is that there is no universal methodology prompt that suits all kinds of research papers, so each research paper needs a unique methodology because of the unique nature of the research question. In this respect, a good methodology is the one that helps the researcher determine the answer to the question and test the hypothesis in the least possible time, with minimum expenditure and the most authentic and reliable results. What Is a Methodology for a Research Paper? Simple Explanation The methodology of a research paper, as the name suggests, is the mechanism that when adopted, leads to the generation of the research results. It is a step-by-step process of data collection and analysis so that the answer to the research question is found and the hypothesis is tested. Typically, some tools are used to collect data from the research participants. It should be noted that research methodology is an essential part not only of a research paper but also of a research proposal. The way data will be collected is outlined in advance so that necessary preparations can be made to achieve that. How to Write a Good Methodology for a Research Paper? Expert Tips Start your methodology by listing the questions or problems you want to solve with the help of your research. After that, state the hypothesis. Write down any assumptions you are to make. Then mention the variables you want to test, distinguishing between dependent and independent variables. At the same time, there are different kinds of methodologies, including qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods. Provide a rationale for the selection of your particular approach. A quantitative approach is suitable when you intend to study social trends. On the other hand, go for a qualitative approach if you plan to evaluate the opinions of people on a certain matter. If you plan to evaluate a social trend together with collecting people’s views, a mixed approach is the most suitable. Here’s How to Start a Methodology for a Research Paper Starting a methodology for a research paper is particularly daunting. Here, we have compiled a set of tips that will help you to deal with the research methodology properly: First, determine the population group to and sample size. There are various formulae for it under different conditions in the academic literature, such as a finite or an infinite population. Consult online research papers to find the relevant formulae. In your draft, just cite the source you take the formula from. After the sample size has been finalized, develop the survey tool. For qualitative research, it is generally interview questions whereas for quantitative research, it is a questionnaire. You have the option of conducting a structured or semi-structured interview, but the purpose is to collect data. The way that gives you more detailed information is better. As for the questionnaire, before actually conducting the survey, get it read and understood by different people to see how people perceive the questions. It’s called ‘pilot testing’. Analyze the interviews word-by-word yourself to infer meanings, draw connections and identify recurring themes. Analyze the quantitative data using software like Excel or SPSS. Formatting the Methodology Part of Your Research Paper the Right Way These guidelines can help you come up with the right methodology for your research. However, students are too busy many a times to write a methodology themselves since they may have many assignments to complete or an exam to prepare for. If you lack time to write a methodology yourself, you can get it written by our expert writers. We are a custom research methodology writing service. Our writers are expert in writing all kinds of research methodologies. Our professional writers can choose the most suitable methodology for your research. So give us a call or reach us on Live Chat. Share what you need with us and get your methodology written professionally by the deadline. Buy research papers online from academic writers right now!

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Save That $ So You Can Have That $ Professor Ramos Blog

Save That $ So You Can Have That $ Anything is obtainable you just have to come up with a plan. You want to be a straight-A student study more, want to be good at a sports practice it that simple. A big problem for most people is being broke. There are multiple reasons for people not having money nowadays, reason like bills and jobs are the major reason and people sometimes can’t overcome those circumstances. The ones who don’t have that problem have no excuse. A lot of people complain that there always broke but won’t change their habits. They spend their money on things they don’t really need like going out to eat, jewelry and expensive clothes. Then when they truly need something they don’t have the funds. When I was a child my parents would buy almost anything I wanted clothes, shoes and fast food but they would always hesitate when it came to video games. They would only buy games for me on special days like birthdays and Christmas. One day I wanted a Pokà ©mon Emerald video ga me, but my mom said I’m not paying for that with my money. You see I really wanted this game all my friends at school had one I had no choice but to do it myself. I had to come up with a plan because if not I wasn’t going to have that game until Christmas, it was March. My dad would give me money for lunch every day. So I decided to put up half of that money for saving. I would do extra chores for money from my mom. While all this was going on I was learning how to save. Learning that I don’t need to spend money on items I don’t need like candy and snacks. Since I wasn’t spending money on junk food I was losing weight too so this was a win, win situation. I realize too that it was going to take sacrifice in order to gain so that meant I could get certain things. That something I think most people at that age don’t realize until later in life so I think I was getting a head start. I had a plan which was to save money for a video and I was goi ng to accomplish it. As the time went on my piggy bank was getting heavy like a bodybuilder during blocking season. Mom my asked me one day â€Å"where do you get all that money from†. I told her that I saved it all. My mother was so impressed she made a deal with me, the deal was that if I saved up 40 more dollars she’ll pay for half. Obviously, 40 dollars is not a lot of money, but for a 9-year-old that’s a lot of money. As the time went on I saved even more and then my dad saw how much money I was saving. He stopped giving me money for school lunch because I had so much. I had no choice but to double down on chores and weekend fun money. Finally, at the end of the month, I had the money and was about to buy the game. When I bought the game I felt so accomplished I saved, I did it myself. At school, I was able to my game with my friends at recess. I had a deep appreciation for that game because I worked hard to get it. I would play that game every chance I got , you can say I got my monies worth. Even after I bought the game I would continue to save now I would always have money. I learned the more you saved the more your money will grow. I learned that being cheap and frugal is a good thing not a bad. People at my age now don’t even know how to save, they spend their money the first chance they get. If it wasn’t for my childhood lesson, I would be the same way. Don’t go and spend all of your paychecks at once, put some money way to the side. For myself now if I want something I look ahead and put money away for that item without breaking the bank. Being finical savvy is part of being an adult. There are full grown adults who are bad with money and do not know how to manage. Millionaires such as athletes and lottery winners are quick to go broke because they gained all this money but still have their old habits. Even throughout high school, I was learning how to save in the classroom and my home life. At school there was a class called living on your own that would teach students the aspects of becoming adults, money management was one of the topics. In high school for a year I lived with my best friend, his parents were very well off. They would like the most modest and cheap lifestyle. At first, I was confused by asking myself why do you have all this money and drive old cars, shop at discount stores and Aldi’s. Then I realized that how they saved by not shopping at expensive places and driver the most luxurious cars. They showed me things like stocks, bonds, and savings accounts. This made me more intrigued with saving and learning how to be financially savvy. Learning about money will help you make money. Even the famous rapper 21 Savage teamed up with NBC News to have a special segment on saving and money trips. He said, â€Å"everyone in their life at one point is going a substantial amount of money that could change their financial stability it’s up to them on how he or she wants to use it†. He decided to trade his chains for bonds and business ventures. In closing I want everyone to know that if a 9-year-old could figure out how to save so can an adult. So the next time you think about spending your money on unnecessary items think about saving it.

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Reading Response Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 21

Reading Response - Essay Example Germany hoped these points would be the basis for the treaty. However this hope was belied and the terms of the treaty were so harsh on Germany that it finally resulted in a more destructive and horrific war. America had come out of the war virtually unscathed. However the people of Britain and France were devastated by the destruction caused by the war and in no mood to forgive Germany for it. So it came about that Germany was held solely responsible for the misery and death caused to millions, and the terms of the treaty were particularly humiliating to Germans. Besides, Britain and France had rich colonies that added to their coffers, and therefore clauses that held that determination of their status must have â€Å"the interests of the populations†; were contrary to their interests. Every nation naturally looked at the treaty with its own interests foremost. France wanted the territories of Alsace and Lorraine with a view to safeguarding its borders from future German attacks. In this way Germany lost land to France, Belgium, Denmark, Czechoslovakia and Poland. The victors of the war were the ones who drafted the treaty of Versailles and the defeated nations were not asked to contribute to the drafting of the treaty. The treaty therefore looked after the interests of the victors and since Germany was blamed for the havoc caused by the war and held solely responsible for it; she had to bear the burden of war reparation and cutting down of her armed forces as well as losing territories to other nations. The most important of the fourteen points was the last - that of setting up an international body to maintain peace among the nations of the world. This was set up in the form of the League of Nations. However, Wilson was unable to convince the Americans to join the league and it proved to be an ineffective and toothless body. It led to more friction among nations